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The team at Circuitous Realty prides itself on providing their clients with unparalleled investment advice regarding their real estate portfolios so that they can see maximum returns, while avoiding the pitfalls that less experienced buyers make time and time again. By helping to ensure that their buyers consistently mitigate risk, their portfolios are able to experience a better level of financial growth, both short term and over the long haul!


In recent years, more and more people are

choosing to place their money into real estate over other more traditional investment vehicles. 



Recognizing the need for access to the best possible investment deals of the day, Circuitous Realty has partnered with a team of wholesale real estate specialists committed to matching investors with deals that best fit their purchasing criteria. These specialists spend staggering amounts of money each month on marketing, and countless hours sifting through potential sellers, in order to locate the best “off market” investment homes. They utilize their relationships with digital auction houses, listing agents and asset managers alike to bring the best REO’s to their investors at prices that make sense! They also have a team of title professionals committed to performing the large scale due diligence required to successfully purchase county auction properties and deliver them to investors with insurable title so they can have peace of mind when purchasing these homes.

The two chief principles at Circuitous Realty began their initial foray into the Tampa Bay Area market many years ago with a primary focus on distressed and undervalued properties.  During the course of their successful career, the pair have been involved in the purchase and subsequent resale of roughly 1,000 investment homes and counting!  As a result, they are well versed in navigating through virtually every type of title issue, code infraction, and lien scenario that one may come across.  They have sourced deals through just about every one of the available methods found throughout the foreclosure cycle.

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